March 23rd, 2010


lj idol home game: To thine own self be true

how do you know, sir, if you are of one mind? The question was asked in a bored tone. Shalea stood leaning against the wall. Her guide animal wrapped itself around her feet waiting for just the right moment to spring into action. He was an interesting mix of fox, cat, otter and something else no one new about. About the size of a teen-ager, he walked on two legs, and had a special harness off-set so that he could guide his lady around with solumn dignity. He had the intelegence of an adult, but was still child enough to think of this as a game of follow the leader. Where he was the leader, and she the follower, and enough brains to follow her directions unless things went shit-halling, in which case he knew exactly what to do.

She adored him: He adored her. It had taken several tries for one of Shalea's friends to procure him. It was a relief when it happened. Shalea had been much less proned to walking into people's personal space, and moved faster and lighter on her feet after. Whoever's idea it was to have her without him...well, that was pointless now.

"You find the courage to go within." Tristen answered Shalea. He stood across the hall and to the right of her. His dark hair was pulled back today. His leathers covering parts of him he didn't want others to know about. "Then you sort out what's inside and what isn't."

A lady dressed in green robes raised her head to look at him. "But that doesn't answer the question, does it? How do you know? Where is the line? When does the scale tip, and you realize that...ho shit I have more than one mind in me? What would make me believe without a dout's shadow that *I* would have with me, more than one mind? More than one worldview?"

"observation." Tristen replied. "There are times when observation is key. Write, analyze. There is more than one way to find out from whence your thoughts come, after all."

"Is there?" The green-clad lady looked to Shalea for confermation. She felt self-conscious now. She had thought she'd felt stirrings, but she wasn't sure, and she didn't want to risk it...not here. Not in a place were oddities, even if they were somewhat accepted, were still looked askance at. Whispered about.

"There is." She nodded."Also the library might be of some use. I did manage to find this there, after all. I was actually surprised and more than a little pleased when I did."

The man in the chair at the front of the room watched with a musement. He couldn't help smirking when Shalea dropped the magically enhanced sheets in front of the green-clad writer. Satisfaction at how this was being handled showed briefly in his eyes before he masked it again.

The green-clad lady took the scroll and blinked at it. "I had no idea." She said softly. She would read it later, but just now she looked at Shalea and Tristen who was still standing across from her. She blinked as she put two and two together-and came to the conclusion of four. Blinked when they both raised their fingers to their lips in unison. It was all the green-clad one could do not to gawk.

Not to gawk at the both of them for sharing this part of themselves with her. It was then-and not for the first time, either-that she felt honored by them-somehow trusted by them. " there anything else?" She asked just loud enough for their ears only.

Shalea nodded. "There is. Much more. Remember, though that the experiences are all different. There is a reason many people call them the subjective realms. It is not all proof in hard facts. You must trust your own self, too. Trust your accuracy." Like she had room to talk, Shalea thought. Even now she was struggling with this. While she was speaking, Shalea managed to sneak the robed lady another, much larger scroll that contained even more information on the subject under discussion. It might have been long, and perhaps a bit bulkier than Shaliea had intended, but it was worth the bulk. Every bit of it

The woman in green gaped at the weight-but did nothing more than pass it off as gaping at the unexpectedly handsome lad that had managed to wend his way between her and the two she had been conversing with. She had also managed to hide it well in her robes by the time she stopped gaping, and winked at both Tristen and Shalea.

"Time for dinner, don't you think?" The robes rustled as she shifted to stand just a bit straighter, "It is getting a bit late after all. Shalea, Tristen? If you are not being entertained, my abode this eventide?"

Shalea and Tristen spared one glance for the front of the room, before bowing and taking their leave: Tonight was well worth the discussion-and would be well worth the food.

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