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The Phoenix

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Lj Idle home edition: Run, don't walk [19 Jan 2010|12:56pm]
It's not often that I watch Craimar with the young fliers; it's not often he lets me. In this case, though it was two perhaps three of the inn's children. It isn't often he allows this because he , though he won't admit it, adores children. And this is a trait he doesn't show often, even to those he trusts most; it is one of the things he keeps close to him, very close to him indeed.

One of the treo of children walked to the edge of the flier's arena-and jumped. Only to be caught by him.

"No, little one, ya go too slow at the start." He said gently. "Ya gotta take arunnin' start. Run, don't to be walkin'. Ya walk, and they not be 'nuff wind to be carryin' ya like."

"But-I'm scared." It was a small boy. Not much beyond five or six. Or...physically, anyway. I had the sense, that inside, he was two or three years older than he appeared.
"Aye, so was I when I was to be first learnin', and trust me I was to be bein' much older than ye're to be bein' now. Ya gotta go fast, though, or ya fall, like ya were almost to be doin' then because ya can't to be snappin' your wings out like Ya see your elders are doin', hmm?"

I heard the deep breath, then, "O-Ok." I could hear it in the child's voice, the nervousness, the fear, the anxiety.

But then I heard it. He'd gone back and began to walk, then to jog....

Then to run. Faster and faster and then...

Then the jump, and he seemed to fall straight down, down and downd...

Then I heard it, the snap of little wings that had caught a current, and the woop and the laughter of a tiny voice. I'd been so caught up in the suspense and my own worry of the downward motion of the small boy's
journey into the skies, that I hadn't realize he'd come out of it until he was flying circles around Craimar and me.

~Se?~ The pride in Craimar's voice was evident as he waved up at the now soaring lad, ~See what happens when you run, and don't walk? You succeed in endeavors. Success,~ He said, and I got the sense he was speaking to mea now more than the child at this point, ~Is when you take the bull by it's horns and run with it. Run with it, not walk; if you walk you will get trampled. If you run, you will have a better chance at outstripping it;outsmarting it. Then you will look back and know that you did well; very very well indeed.~

This is my home game submission for therealljidol. Thank you for reading.
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