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The Phoenix -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
The Phoenix

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... Sunday Sunday [26 Apr 2009|09:57am]
source_lessons and mr_kight
welcome aboard. :)
Morning routine Day whatever.
Mom tells me that she still thinks it's too long before I take Lou out. Her idea of taking lou out is right after I get out of bed. My idea is to get in the shower, wash, dressed, do the whole brush teeth/wash face deal, feed him. Then after he's fed and a little watered, I take him out. This is exactly how we did it at school; the dogs were not the first ones out the door, *we* were, so to speak. Breakfast, however, was only *after* we'd taken care of our dogs. It was at seven thirty. I told her this and she's still like... I don't know, I still think it's too long.

My dog, my responsibility. If he has an accident that's *my* problem, not yours. I've already had to clean up after him once. I think I can repeat the clean up procedure... if I had to.

State of the Phoenix:
reason 586093423 why I don't take naps on Saturdays after RP nights. I lay down at eight. rnb_capricorn woke me at nine forty to tell me she was going out to her cousin's birthday, and I thought it was Cheryl, lol! laid back down (serious bad move ya'll!) and Bethany woke me at 10:23. I spent time on the phone with he where she kept asking me questions that I had no answer for. Is dad in a lot of pain, etc, etc, either that or I kept having to repeat things for her half a million times. I like the girl, I really do, but if I had to explain that the reason they took dad's teeth out was because they were causing a fever, and that, yes, he *does* eat only soft things right now and no I *don't* know when they're going to give him false ones, and *yes* they were brown... I would have screamed!

I tend to get defensive with her without meaning to, only because she asks these sorts of questions, and other questions that I really can't answer, either because I *don't* have the answer, or because I, myself, didn't ask the question... because I don't think these sort of things are important. Go someone who lost their sight advantageously (no offense to those on my flist who have, mind, but yeah)

So then I proceeded to be up until about o'dark 30 (sorry shadowwolf13 couldn't resist, :p) which was actually about three or so, then crawled into bed.

I have gotten sucked into the dragcave, and I will be making a filter. Those of you who wish to be *on* said filter please to be commenting here, thank you. I will not post eggs until then, I grabbed an abandoned one to start with and it's an earth. So.

Those of you who I'm putting in by default because you have them are the following:
m_barnette rhymer_713 tiltedsideways falkie Anyone else?

Running on this much sleep)about four hours from three to about seven thirty)=food does wonders. Breakfast was biscuits and sausage gravy. and it was awesome. :)

the Phoenix
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