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The Phoenix -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
The Phoenix

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thievery part 4 I hink :d [13 Feb 2009|09:22am]
welcome to the insanity that is my life othergalaxy
:) From the comments we've exchanged already, I can safely say I'm glad you sought me out.

State of the phoenix
I was in bed before midnight, and slept through to just before Mom left for work which was about ten to nine or so. For most of that time I was dead to the world. I intook a tea called breath Easy that hat ucoliptus pepperment and other things in it. I'm not sure whether or not some of the things in it made you sleepy or what, but that was some of the best sleep I've had in a hell of a long time, and I actually feel more rested today than I've remembered feeling in a while.

On deck:
job searching
Bookshare searching
calling various people
making sure I have discussion questions laid out for Mondays PW topic {yeh yeah it's Friday, so what?}
building a couple of sample characters if I can figure out what mods certain prestige classes need. I can never remember how many skill points to start out with. Irks me because I should know this by now. Meh. It doesn't help that one of the ones I build has special circumstances that make it a little more complicated. Ah well. It'll be fun in any case. If I can turn out these two, maybe one of them'll actually jump out at me and then I won't have to worry about having to decide who to play. :) That does happen most times after all... most times, anyway.

Friday. It is here, bitches!

the Phoenix
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