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The Phoenix

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three short pieces [27 Mar 2006|12:36pm]
OK readers,

I'm posting these here, just because. Peruse them is you so choos.
Kitty PawsCollapse )
Phoenix at CorkCollapse )
Phoenix at Cork revisedCollapse )
Pipe ChoiceCollapse )

OK so there are actually four here with the revised version of one of these pieces, but have fun. Comment if you wish with criticism. I really think I packed too much into this last and longest piece, but I'm not sure...so yeah. Kitty Paws and Phoenix at Cork are short shorts. So if anyone wants to help me compress the language, that would be cool. They were for a class, and were turned in, but I still like to get feedback on what to do. I think I might emcorporate all of these into a novel later, but we'll see. Cross posted somewhat to eriofthephoenix which is my writing community where I post all of my writings. And I do mean *all* there are some there that aren't here.

the Phoenix
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