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The Phoenix

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back, well, sort of [10 Jan 2006|10:23am]
[ mood | ok ]

I'm back at school, and have been since Friday. My first day of class was rather uneventful for the most part, though the fiction writing class is going to prove to be an interesting challenge. The prof, Thomas Demarchi is wanting character developing fiction, and its x-nay on the antasy-fay. We all know where my stories head, even the mystery I tried to keep more on the realistic side of things. I am hoping that this won't prove to be too much of a difficulty since my mystery didn't really start turning fantasy until later, like really fantasy. OK so I borrowed Carol Nelson Douglases and Rita May Brown's talking animal stuff, but still...

I'm thinking about using another character in that mystery and developing her, hoopefully being able to work parts of the development back into the mystery.

In any case, I had one of my new room mates who took PC suupport classes in high school take a look at my computer and she is saying that a reformat is necessary. This after I asked my dad to do a reinstall and him telling me that he doesn't want to do it before school, that maybe during hte summer, but not right now. The popups are beginning to annoy the hell out of me, and even though there aren't as many, they are still there. and they still come up at random times during my computing experience. I'm hoping that her helping me reformat and my backups will keep me from losing everyting. LOL

Music's not all that hard to get back, it's everything else I'm stressing. I would rather do it now while school is slow than wait until it picks up and then do it. It makes more sense in my mind to do it now rather than later. Ah well such is the life of a person whose father is afraid to touch her computer because it just happens to have a piece of software on it that allows it to talk. Yeah, I wish he would realize that other than that it's just a regular computer.

In any event, I suppose I will end this for now and write later. I am so glad to be back down here, though. The hdady tast of freedom is soooo nice!!!

The Phoenix

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