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Small bitch session [27 Dec 2005|08:39pm]
I hate not being able to log in to my acount so I an read protected entries
I hate not being able to log in, because there are communities I want to join, people I want to add. I can't join these communities because I can't log in, I can't add these people because their entries are friends locked, see previous line
I hate not being able to post comments first due to the fact that my IE is fucked up and where the version and product numbers are supposed to be there is only blank space. Forgive me for being a person who tries to let people knowwhen I'm adding them so they're not weirded out by some strange person. OK so there are at least two on my F-list who don't know I've added them, but I do *try*.
I hate not being able to log in, damn it!!!

That is all

The Phoenix
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