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The Phoenix

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It's Christmas... [23 Dec 2005|10:36pm]
For those who celebrate it happy yule. I know I'm late with it, but oh well.

Today really hasn't been that eventful, I did go to flea masters and I did find out how much birds run and I think I'll be saving up for a while. I've always wanted a blue and gold Macaw, and now that I knowthat the biger birds and cats really don't havethat much of a difficulty, I may6 start saving up. It's too bad that this would meanthat I'll have to do this outside of other things as if I saved up enough for one SSI would not be too happy. Ah well, it's a long way off yet, and at the moment I'm not too worried. But to have a blue and Gold, or any macaw for that matter would make me immensely happy. I have talked about getting one for a number of years now and being able to see them...must touch them always makes me extremely happy. You see it is the closest I will ever come to touching any sort of large bird that flies. Birds have always fascinated me, as many things always do, and sometimes I wonder of I weren't a bird breeder or something in a pastlife. I have always enjoyed birds, their songs their ways, everything. Even the birds of prey that I can't even imagine myself getting near fascinate me.

In any case, we went to see the birds, I bought a cell phone case while I was there, and said hi to Heather, the owner of Modern Realm, and got to take a look atsome more new Amy Brown statues. I don't know what it is about them that calls to me, but they do. Something about them just resinates with me and I can never have enough of feeling them, and knowing what they look like. Heather always does such a good job of describing them, and she's such a darling for letting me look at them. It helps, too, that she is one of the few Mercedes Lackey fans down here that actuallly takes time to talk to me and discuss the books and things.

So we come home, and mom spends most of the day over at my grandparents' house and I fall asleep only to be woken by thecell phone and to miss the call. I couldn't here whoever was on the other end, even though I said hello several times. It seriously sucked ass. I did check my voicemail by the way, and the message made me smile. The backage hasn't come hyet, rnb_capricorn I'm givingh until the day after Christmas, and then I am going to call you to rail about Best Buy's abominable shipping arrangements. It's not your fault, so I'm not angry with you.

I'm going to say this now, because I'm not sure how much time I'll be able to spend on here in the nextcouple of days. Marry Christmas. I will be coming back on here to listt the presents I got and things as I have done for the past years, though some of the years of Christmas presents I've notput on here yet. Back dated entries are seriously lacking at the moment, and I doubt that will change anytime soon. I can comment, sort of on entries, i just wish I could log in so I could seeprotected entries. This whole thingabout only being able to read public ones is beginning to annoy the hell out of me. Ah well, enough of that. I'm in a good mood tonight and I don't want to ruin that. I watched Rescuers Down Under, which I hadn't seen in ages, and I had actually forgotten how much I liked that particular Disney film. Good times had by all.

*hughs to all* and Merry Christmas again

The Phoenix
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