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The Phoenix

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I'm awake yet again [09 Dec 2005|06:11am]
I hate being awake this early sometimes, but at least I managed to catch som z's last night despite the crash time.

There are several things I need to do, but at this moment I feel like shit, and have no motivation to do them. However, since it does concern my fate for next semester, I will do them, even though doing so will sap what little strength I have. I really need to find my dayquill so at least I can feel somewhat like myself today. i will more than likely head out to campus for brumch and use my nonexistent meal plan unless I can find it in myself to pick up several dollars worth of quarters and use them. Probably not the wisest thing to do, but there we are. It won't be used until next semester anyway, and I can always find a way to get more.

There were some things that I forgot to mention a couple of days ago, such as that Andy took me to Sobway for a dinner and we got to talking. Sometimes I think he's a little weird, and some of the things he takes, he takes wrong, but oh well. For example, the time before when we had been in my room and I asked about his friiend Angela, he thought I was asking about her because I was becoming interested in him because that's what, apparently, what others had done. Come to find out throught talking to him, Angela and him have decided to only remain friends. So that time when he was doing those things that were seemingly too intimate, he was free to do them because in escence he was single, which I had no idea was the case. I have no interest in him, other than as a friend, and I sincerely hope that stay s that way. I don't think he and I would get alongall that well otherwise, and since he is one of the ones who has made my stay here at the university a little more tolerable, I would hate to lose him. He has also shared parts of his life with me, that I know he hasn't shared wit hthat many others. Since he is graduating before me, however, or at least I think he is, it will be interesting to see what happens once he is gone.

I suppose I will end this now and devote some attention to trying to find a way to lay down again for a few more hours. it seems to be par for the course around here. I just hope I don't sleep in too much to the pointwhere I can't get anything done at all.

The Phoenix
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Voice Post [09 Dec 2005|11:05pm]
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