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The Phoenix

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Back and stuff [12 Oct 2005|07:11pm]

I'm making this short because I left laptop charger at home and my battery doesn't like being off the charger for very long. Just doesn't.

I went home for fall break and had a family crisis to deal with as the usual case when I go home no matter how smooth things are up to that point. They are looking for nersing homes in which to put my grandmother. She has alzeimer's for those new on the list. So My aunt Sharon and I kept her company while grandpa Uncle Dan and my mom went to look at two places. Grandpa is dead set on putting her up in Indy which is not the best thing for gramdma as she does not like the cold and there would be more support for her down here as one of the placews is only a few miles from where my uncle works. They had a conference call last night and now grandpa is saying momm doesn't want to go anywhere, so now they're back to square one. She needs to be put in a home soon as this is wearing and taking its tole on my grandfather.

Mom and I went to flea Masters on Sunday as well as to an Irish bamd session at Dwyers where I proceeded to have two guinnesses. I also went shoe shopping on Monday and picked up som new rebocs and managed to use a gift card I had. I also went to the mana reading Center and picked up Ancient Mother by Robert Gas. Over all a good CD, but there are some chants on there that I skip every now and then.

I came back to two a's on both my anthropology and my Marine Systems midterms. Yayayayayayayayayayay!!!! One of them was the highest grade in the class.

Geronimo, thank you for the stories, there really neat.

Oh and aerdran you are going to love my mom. She found a really neat brass unicorn statue in the trash IN THE TRASH!!! and picked it up. I now have it down at school with me and it's just absolutely cool. I don't see how anyone could do that...that's just not cool. Unicorn statues are too cool to be thrown out. LOL

So that's my update, I'll give you more firm details on the family thing when I get my charger and I can stay on line without fear of the battery dying.


PS I am sending Good thoughts Damian's way, I hope he pulls through all right.
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