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The Phoenix

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Can I scream now or later? [24 Aug 2005|06:48pm]
[ mood | very frustrated ]

Hello all,

My first public entry in a while and I will be cross posting this.

For those of you who have not been able to read under friends only, I have started school and am nearly done with my first week of classes. these include, Intro to Physical Anthropology, Good class I'll enjoy it. Prof is nice, speaks slow enough for me to keep up and has agreed to email me the notes in TXT format.
Understanding Visual and performing arts. I haven't really checked out this course yet because it's online. I have done the orientation test, and one of the things I need to do is check on what needs read when.
Stats. I have a notetaker for that class, the prof seems flexible, willing to work with me and is a no nonsense type teacher, which is good since the class has well over sixty students in it.
Marine systems...here's where the problems are.

The teacher has the class structured to where he lectures for a bit then gives quizzes. Two quizzes a lecture, one after the first half and one after the second half. It's a two hour class. At the moment, he is having someone read the quizzes to me and I will tell the person what to write down. He told a certain person in the Adaptive office that he would like me to have this service. They say no. They would like me to bring my laptop so that the prof can put the quizzes on disk so that I don't have an unfair advantage over the rest of the students by being able to take the quizzes home and do them there. I can understand this. My packmate cannot handle disks, only flash cards. My back can't handle more than fifteen pounds on it for an extended period of time. I had scholiosis surgery which caused me to have two titanium rods placed in my back, the lower half of which had to be removed because one of the hooks broke. The wheelybag has issues because it is huge and It takes me forever to get through doors, and even pulling that much weight gives me problems. Also, I ride the shuddles which are buses with stairs, narrow isles, and very little seat room.
The Adaptive office says that having a personal aid is an unreasonable accomidation because I have the equipment to do the quizzes independently and that I can't go dropping every class where the laptop is necessary and this won't be the only class where this will be the case. They say that this is my education and that I need to be willing to do things like bring the laptop on camupus for certain courses because that's what it's there for. One of the reasons I got the PAC Mate is so that I wouldn't have to carry the laptop all over the place and so that I could still take notes. She was asking what I use the laptop fore if I don't use it to take notes with. The Pac Mate can't scan things, nor can it, without a program, print things. My email is all done from the laptop as are most of my papers and internet work. They expect me to be able to bring the laptop to class and use it there so that the teacher can have the disk with my answers along with the rest of the class. I don't feel I can do this without it causing me severe amounts of pain. chrisondra and aerdran both know what I'm like when I'm in pain, I talk of nothing else but that pain. Some of you who read LJ may also know as I've written entries to that effect. I, cannot, function on 500 mils of vicodin, it knocks me out. So, I will either have to drop/add, which means going to an advisor as at this moment I can't drop/add myself do to a clast hold, and someone has told me that there are no lower division courses available that I can take, or I will have to find a way, without using a personal aid, which they say is time consuming and expensive, to do these quizzes. I seriously don't want to drop this class as this is one of the ones I was very interested in taking. The friend told me to go back to Adaptive office and ask for someone to help me with the laptop bag and getting it to and from classes. They also suggested having said person bring it from her office straight to me as Marine Systems isn't my first class of the day on Wednesdays. We still have the issue of getting it to and from campus, which wasn't an issue last time because there were nice people like Jennifer B who were able to help me. I had also told him that I could write the answers and email them to him later, however, that would still require a reader for the quizzes. Going to Adaptive office is not an option as these quizzes are done during class and the time spent going from Whitakir to Howard would be counterproductive to the course. So what do I do people? Help me out. I'm ready to scream. They refuse to give me a personal aid, which for this case, makes no sense. I don't see the unreasonableness in having one for this class. They don't want to tell the prof to restructure the course, they say, rightly, that it wouldn't be fair.
The friend of mine knows how much trouble I had nagociating with the laptop bag as it was huge and I often nearly took spills because of misjudgments in where I was going. Often having to come to suddne stops for groups of congregated students. A backpack is out of the question because of the fifteen pounds issue. My laptop is a Dell Latitude 800. Also, thoose students who wouldn't know I was bline who would come up behind me may cas issues with balance as I would be over balanced. It's not that I have issues with balance persay, but I do have an issue with balance when I'm rammed from behind without warning. Help!!!

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