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The Phoenix

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still alive [10 Aug 2005|01:43pm]
Hello all friends of mine,

I am still alive yall! I am in Daytona for another week and then I go home. I do have a lot to write, so it will be behind a cut, but the cut will not be in this entry as I don't have enough time to write this all out.

I will tell you however that someone is starting the shit again. I was expecting flexibility, no such luck. So now I am stuck coming here because the dorms do not have internet still and I need to get the book list because Disability Services will not take the fact that a week before classes is bearly enough time to hget my shit in order. I go to check the email and the book list is not there. So now I've called back and the office says that they will take care of it. The one who said it is pretty on top of it, so I'm expecting the email tomorrow. I just wish the headache would have not even been started. If DS would have just ben flexible and gotten them for me, it would have been nice. I do understand that they can't do it for all students, but coming home and waiting until the sixteenth to start doing things is just a disaster waiting to happen. I can just see them using my Daytona stay against me now.

In any case, I am loving it down here I have also spent way too much money, but that goes sometimes without saying. I'm sort of excited about coming home, but sad at the same times. I will definitely miss Pantheons' good food. Their stuffed shells, pizza and wings are just awesome. There are actually people who hang around there who have the name of some gods. I liked the atmosphere when I was there, relaxed and layed back, one of the waitresses even sat down and chatted with us during her dead time between phone calls and customers.

I guess that'll be all for now. I'll write more later whenm I get a chance.

It's good to be back yall, it really is.

The Phoenix
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