July 2nd, 2005


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OK Ra,

Here you go. You're actually one of the few in the pantheon who's tagged me...

01. Favorite scent... the air after it rains, and the rain itself
02. Favorite way to relax... You have to make me choos...? Either a good book or listening to music
03. Favorite movie you own... I don't pay much attention to movies. I'm not a movie person.
04. Favorite movie you don't already own...Brother Bear
05. Favorite male movie star...Ewen McGregger
06. Favorite female movie star...I can't think of one right now
07. Favorite book genre...Mythology, yes that and science fiction/fantasy, go figure though since all I've raved about is mercedes Lackey
08. Favorite clothing store...Bealles, SP
09. Favorite non-clothing store...The Manna Reading Center or the Lotus and the Frog...um...or Borders. Too bad they don't have Borders anywhere near here.
10. Favorite cartoon character...Inspecter Gadget..no...gods!! I like the Thunder Cats, too...!!!
11. Favorite CD you own...Um...favorite? I guess it would half to be Sally Oldfield Assention for now. Though my faves change from week to week.
12. Favorite CD you don't already own...John Legend Get Lifted
13. Favorite Toothpaste...What kinda stupid question is that?
14. Now pass the torch and tag five of your LJ friends!!

Um... rnb_capricorn loveable_leo ras_pantheon
Hacker the First...It's gotta be...come on man! melodica83 and melangell. There are more I'd like to tag, but I'll leave it at five, I suppose.

Mom got on me about my weight again, and I over reacted a bit, I suppose, but I feel as if she's putting it down my throat. I know she hasn't prought it up in over a month, but I thought she wouldn't do it again and had just let it be that I would do it when *I* want to and not when *she* wants me to do it.

She and dad had a small spat yesterday, thank the goddess it was nothing big. She and I went to an open house this afternoon which was kind of neat. I spoke with a really good friend on the phone this afternoon too which was nice. They and I are worried about another friend of ours however, but at the moment there isn't much we can do but worry.

I am also worried about a friend of mine who hails from Milwaukee. She said she was going to see a friend of hers in Pensylvania and was going to leave on the 18 of last month. So...I haven't heard from her for a little over a week now and I've left her messages in several different places. One about...every other day on average, though I did let three days elapse between first and second message. Usually she calls me back or something and she hasn't which worries me because it's not like her to just seemingly drop off the face of the Earth. My gut is telling me things that my mind is slowly beginning to agree with. That she is dealing with some unexpected issues with Pensylvania person, that she is visiting and doesn't have time for phone matters and that she wouldn't just up and stop calling me for no reason at all. She isn't that type of person after all. But there are nagging doubts due to some past nastiness that are hard to shake. I was being used as message person in one very nasty situation about three weeks back, I have been communicated with indirectly by DBS and others, and those doubts are hard to shake sometimes. What if she doesn't want to deal with me anymore and doesn't want to say it? My gut says no, but my mind isn't sure. I am following my gut however and my mind will just have to deal with it. I don't want to lose Milwaukee person as well, it would be too much....tooo damn much!!

So now that I figure that Milwaukee person is still living and still wishes to deal with me, following my intuitions, and that the new CD I got with Fields of Athenwry rocks, I'll jump off here and get cleaned up for a drum circle Mom and I have decided to go to tonight.

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