June 14th, 2005


I seriously want a mommy!!

Hurting like hell, yall and it's not my back this time.

My fingers hurt, hurt, hurt , hurt!!I really peeled the skin off of them and they were still bleeding a little bit this morning. I think every time I bend them they bleed or something. It sort of hurts to type, but it's not too bad. It's not that they really hurt so much as sting. It's like this constant stinging sensation which gets annoying rather fast. It's hard to bend them without them really being in pain, though. I can't fist the hand verry well, which sometimes isn't so good because I sleep with one hand curled around the other. Either way I lay last night hurt like the blazes. And now every time I hit a key on the home row with my pinky it hurts, or even on the bottom row. I'm still here to tell about it, but damn i'm in some pain at the moment. Some of the scrapes, especially the ones on my middle and ring finger go from above the second nuckle dound to almost the first one. On the tops of the fingers. My pointer and pinky got it right on the first nuckle. You had better believe I was cursing. So yeah since the scrape is right above the finger pad which is what you used to type with, you had better believe it hurts to press the periods and such like. Not so much as to make me stop typing, though as you can clearly see. Just enough to make me write in here about it, though. I just wish I had some bandades or something to keep these from opening again. It wouldn't be so bad if it were on the insides of the fingers, but it goes down the outsides, so that when the nuckle on my pinky bends to hit the key it doesn't feel too good. every time I hit them against something I want to scream like hell. SO...yeah, there's my entry for the day. I know there'll probably be another one later when I feel like writing...or maybe not. We'll see.

The phoenix
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