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The Phoenix

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waaah!!! [31 May 2005|01:37pm]
Lindsay Davenport is out of the French open....*cries loudly*

There are officially no Americans left in the french Open now. It'll be interesting to see who wins. I'm more interested in the women now more than the men as the men I wanted in have been defeated. So, yeah there's my small update for right now. Tennis....mmmm!!!

The Phoenix
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[31 May 2005|03:32pm]
[ mood | curious/contemplative ]

Good evening readers,

I am so glad I didn't have anything to do this afternoon because it left me free to give you...
guide dog infoCollapse )
As you can see, I've done my homework on this...or most of it anyway. If you have any questions ask me and I will be more than happy to find answers, either from knowledge I didn't put here, or from other sources that I have access to, mainly other guide dog users. I do plan to get a dog, so I will probably be doing more research into the schools listed in the survey posted above. Especially since I'm looking into getting a lab/poodle cross. Enjoy the red yall. I'll return later.

The Phoenix

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