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The Phoenix

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growl!!!! [28 May 2005|10:55am]
Someone needs to fix my outlook.

It is not letting me send stuff out and I really, really, really want to send something...like, now!!!

I don't know where else to look except for account settings, and even there I couldn't find anything. It will send stuff to the out box, but it won't send it out. It stays in the outbox and doesn't go anywhere. The attachments all together are one meg, but I've sen't more than that out before. I even tried sending them one at a time and that didn't work. I can usually tell when it sends because my ISP scans the messages for virus stuff, or something, and it gives me a progress...at least something there does...Of course it's throu microsoft outlook, so go figure.

I tried sending it through spitfire only to have it set for minutes on end telling me nothing, giving me no indication that it was doing anything.

I finally gave up and am now wondering why the hell comps have to be so fickled sometimes.


:::edit::: It lets me send out messages without attachments, but won't let me send them when I insert attachments. Someone...help, please?

The Phoenix
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