May 8th, 2005


mother's day...

Hello Readers,

For mother's day, the family, which was me my dad and my mom, went out for breakfest. I don't choose to say wat we ate here, but suffice it to say that it wwas IHOP, which was good...yum.

Then Mom and I took a walk down to our church, and she talkedabout how the sermon had a hard time getting to her because of some of the things they spoke of. We came home after that, and I spoke to a young one on skype, which was cool. I'm still sitting here sort of bored because she had to go to speak to someone else right now she has me on hold.I'm really not in the mood to be too detaled right now, and it's mainly because I'm tired. I am pain free today, which is really nice. No rain, but hot this week which means the pull may get a few visits from yours truly when dad comes home from work. I am going to try to call for doctor's appointmentsand set them for days in June because Mom will be off work by then. I need new eyes, in case anyone gives a shit, and it's about time for that...nice little exam us wimin have to have every year. So let's just say that we'll be feeling a bit yucky that day. I am aso thinking about trying to get my teeth cleaned up. I like my there we go.

Anyway I suppose I should go since I'm rambling.

The Phoenix
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