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The Phoenix -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
The Phoenix

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yayayayayanessnessness!!! [23 Feb 2005|08:10am]
[ mood | jubilant ]

No, more, pane!!! No, more, pane!!! No, more, pane!!! Woooot!!

OK...it's stil there a little, but, it's seriously so nonexistent right now I'm dancing. It has gon back down to in between one and two which is stuff I can deal with. It's just discomfort...not pain!!
Now....we have five days, people...five days!!! Of course I had to run and buy one of her books from the bookstor, bad choice as I ended up spending 26 dollars on " The Collected Poems of Mya Angelou." I'm still pissed because I can't find "Typhoon and I've let another quiz sit for another whole entire week...it's just been way too hectic around here. I still need to fill out FAFSA forms and write Cindy an e-mail saying why I need JAWS 6.0. I also need to sit down and write out practice stuff, and see if I can' at least try to find Typhoon...and explain to her if I can't that I at least gave an effort...this is not good as I think the questions count for part of the grade. If I would've known that I would've had so much trouble finding this short story I would've picked an earlier day for the questions. I didn't have any problems whatsoever finding the first half of the class's stories...why does it have to start now? Also, I may be cutting down on my online time...I'm noticing that this is beginning to become my escape far too often when I don't want to get work done and therefore it doesn't get done. and for those who don't know, this happens every so often...i will still be around for those who need to talk and for those who wish to call...hint hint. There is at least one person on my f-list who has my numbers and hasn't used them...hmmm...and this person went to school with me. LOL By this time next week I should have a couple of CD's worth of pics to upload if I can remember to get my dad to burn some for me. Those who have AOL and wish for pics leave comments, please. If I am not on your buddy list, leave your screen name so I can add you, or alternately, add me from my info page and message me.
Now, however, it's off to finish preparing to face the day...pain free!!!! Wooooot!!!

The Phoenix

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mad woman [23 Feb 2005|03:42pm]
[ mood | frazzled ]

I am a mad woman
I have been running around...looking for a nonexistent quiz! i remembered that last week we had no quiz in Bledsoe's class. I have sent of the discussion questions...one hour later than I was supposed to. I also think that this entire week has been an off one for me. I left my folder in the eagle cafe last night and it was not there when I went back today...and the owner says that he doesn't have it. So I consequently lost my entire set of math slieds which means that I had to grab the CD from home and bring it back with me and have someone reprint the stuff...then this morning five minutes after I wrote my pan free entry, I couldn't find the PAC Mate...it was no where in the room and I was frantic. I nearly wrote in here then, but I would've been late for the boards. As it was, I didn't do the first break because we were talking and Glenn had to do it. When I found out that the PAC Mate wasn't in the room, I realized that I had left it in someone's care the night before....I'm sitting here scared shitless. This piece of equipment is 6G and that's an assload of money. Also, it is not technically mine yet. It won't be for three years...DBS technicalities, gotta love 'em. So I'm like...OMG. OMG...and a few other explitives. Luckily I had my cell number in the card slot and the girls whose car I was in were all in the same building. They called me and I told them where to leave it so I could pick it up. I also knew one of the girls in the car because she was in my math class, but still...that was so damn scary it wasn't even funny. I picked the PAC Mate up on the way out of the radio reading service area and went on my way. I was so seriously lucky...so damn lucky. I swear to everything that's up there, if I didn't have my head on this week I would've lost that too along with my brain. I just feel like I'm runing around like amad woman this week, what with not being able to find stuff, tutoring three times a week, Vicky coming once a week, mobility lessons once a week...RRS three times a week in the mornings...I knew it would be like this, but I seriously didn't know it would drive me to near insanity...if I'm not there already. I still have to go to the financial aid office...sometimme this week. It may be tomorrow during my lunch break just to set up an appointment for Friday. It's kind of too late now I think because it's twenty to four and I think they close at four. Anyway, I suppose I'd better do something...like maybe read for Anthropology or something. I seriously feel like I'm going insaine and this whole being in pain for half the week didn't help much. I hope all of you are well.

The Phoenix

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