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The Phoenix

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nonproductiveness... [20 Feb 2005|04:36pm]
[ mood | frantic ]

Hello all,

I thought this was going to be more of a productive day than it was...I have like three chapters of anthropology to read, pluse questions to answer, reading to do for lit class since I have to write discussion questions onthe stuff for Bledsoe's class, math stuff to send somewhere...and I was on the phone longer than I expected to be, not that I minded at all...but well, unmotivatedness sucks sometimes. You would think with less than two weeks to go before the fate of your staying in the class is concerned, someone would be a little more...well...motivated, but for some reason the weekends are the worst for me in the homework department. I just hope I can get all of this done on time. Off to read...and read and read.

The Phoenix

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arhrhrhrhrhrg!!! [20 Feb 2005|07:53pm]
I am pissed...pissed!!
I do not have the needed chapters or my anthropology class and I need to answer questions over this stuf by tomorrow. This is one of the classes where we move really fast, too. If I can't answere these questions, I wo't be screwed, but my grade won't like it too much either. I'm beginning to think the readers this semester aren't as effecient as they could be. I'm already putting off the questions until tomorrow, but right now I'm not too pleased with the book situation. I'm behind one chapter in my chemestry class, I'm about to be two chapters behind in Anthropology, since the tutoring situation seems to be working fairly well...to some people's mind for math, I don't have that book...and the lit book was never recorded...so I'm using the internet for the main bulk of the material for that class. Thank all that's holy that "Their Eyes Were Watching God" is on RFB and D tapes. I'm seriously ready to scream right now...seriously!!! This semester has been a hell of a lot easier for me, except for math, however, right now since everything is starting to mountain, I am starting to feel a bit overwhelmed by everything. Sorry for the ranty entry all.

The Phoenix
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