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The Phoenix

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Oh my fucking go'o'o'o'od!!!! [18 Feb 2005|01:49pm]
[ mood | so, damn, wired it's not funny!!! ]

Mya Angelu is going to hit Aleko Arina on the 28th of Feb....and I have a chance at going....if poetprodegy7's professor lets her have two tickets....I am going to scream...wooooooooooot!!!!! Tickets are gon, but the professor has 25 tickets and nobody wants them so she knew I wanted to go and called me. She said she was going to e-mail the professor and when she hears back from said professor she'll let me know....this is as good as going!!! I'm going.....woooooooooooot!!!!!
Mya Angelu is a poet, I'm a poet....it's been forever since I've read her works, but I have some of them that I should scan from Bledsoe. Just lijke I have to scan some other stuff from other teachers....Gods, I'm going!!! I'm going!!! I'm so fucking excited...it's a sold out deal....and I'm fucking going!!!! OK...so my language is coming out, but, damn it, I don't care right now! I'm too hyper to care....so wooooootnessnessnessly wonderfully.....wooooot!!!!
In other news, my parents came down and Mom and Dad decided to go by themselves to the park because my dad brot bikes. I was kind of disappointed, but mom was like, well you came home last weekend and you spent all your time in your room...and your point? It's not like I can do much there anymore, except for spend as much time in a positive environment...my room...as possible. I love the house, but sometimes it just gets a little old when dad teases me ninety percent of the time I'm there. OK so maybe I spend more time in my room than I should have, but the point is that most of the time he is watching TV or on a bike ride, and she is at work all day...what else am I supposed to do?
Anyway, that disappoiintment only lasted until someone called and said she had tickets....wooooot!!!! I'm not going to let this disappointment ruin this lovely mood...*smiles* Happy reading!!!!

The Phoenix

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