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The Phoenix

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Ah early classes... [17 Feb 2005|11:22am]
[ mood | OK ]

I'm actually home early for once and enjoying about forty-five minutes before I have to to lit class. I should probably have looked at the syllabus to see what we should have read, but at the moment I am to lazy to do so. I'm just not in the mood to do much of anything right now. I'll have to catch up majorly on reading this weekend, though and do some serious math stuff. I am determined not to have to take more math than is absolutely necessary and for those who know me, when I say I'm going to do something, I try my best to do it. I'm finding out that I'm a lot more complainy than I think I am...although I think some of my reasons are valid my boss doesn't. This particular person wants me to succeed, I get this, but having to sit down and do math every minute of the day just seems a bit excessive. Sure I'll sit down for about two hours and do it, but at the moment, that's about all I can take, and with online help and physical tutoring and that...I don't see any reason to keep it with me all the time. By the time this next test comes, hopefully I'll be able to do this shit in my sleep. I'd love to pass this next test with a limited amount of check and guess work...what would be even nicer is if I had none at all...lol
I may do protected later about some of the stuff this person says, but I know one person on here who may already know since she's known him for a number of years. Anyway...it's off to read e-mails and maybe writ a couple.

The Phoenix

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oooh how fun! [17 Feb 2005|07:29pm]
wooot for math class!!
Yes you read that right.
Thanks to Kya and thanks to halimede this class screamed by at light speed...damn was it fun, too. I love going over familiar material...it sooooo rocks ass!!!
It's the weekend people and tomorrow should be another nice relaxing day at the boards. Mom is coming down with some stuff for me and I'm sitting here hoping she and I can do something nice...nice and relaxing. Maybe I can get her to take us back to Coreshan state park.Speaking of Coreshan...and speaking of names, awallens has enspired me to name my computer...something I had actually thought about doing off and on because I'm weird like that. I firmly believe that everything has a spirit and yes that includes computers...and since everything has a spirit, that spirit should be given a name...so from now on my computer is known as Simona. I haven't though of names for the BLite or the PAC Mate...but I have some ideas for the latter...Connor is one, but I'm not sure it fits that as well...so any ideas anyone?
Now I'm don springing weirdnesses around, I suppose I'd better see who's on MSN and skype.

The Phoenix
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