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The Phoenix

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home again [12 Feb 2005|02:03pm]
[ mood | OK ]

Home again readers and on a keyborad that my fingers absolutely feel at home upon. Laundry's nearly done, mom's gone and Dad's playing a computer game. Not much to report here except for that stufff.
I came home mainly to do laundry, but also to see the cats because I missthem so much when I'm away, especially colin. Not that Keemico's not dear to me, but she doesn't know me as well because I'm not home a lot of the time for her to know me. However, she is nice to me and she will sometimes sit next to me, but I have to be careful around her and ask her before I pet her. If I don't she runs off before I can touch her. I guess it's the remnants of her wildness still in her. I think she'll always have that streak in her, but that's just me. She's very smart and if you tell her what and what not to do, she does or doesn't do it. She knows when she's being mentioned and most of the time she seems to listen to everything that's going on around her. She also likes to watch her environment. She'll follow mom when she dusts, she watches mom fold and iron clothes, she watches me type sometimes. She's not in here right now, but she probably knows I'm writing about her. Anyway, I suppose I had better stop before I ramble on about nothing and drink the rest of my pepsi.
Till later all.

The Phoenix

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