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The Phoenix

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woootness!!! [11 Feb 2005|04:27pm]
[ mood | creative ]

yea go me!!!

perfect all day board run!!!!!! OK...near perfect, but at least I didn't freak out. The nine o'clock break had a little bit of dead air because I didn't know what booth the reader was in, but since there weren't signs outside the booths, it really wasn't anyone's fault. He did try to tell me by location where he was, but closer to Glenn's office didn't really help me any. I did manage to get him on air without panicking, though, so I consider it perfect for that reason. Other than that and being a little bit late for the twelve o'clock break because I was selfish and wanted a dessert I liked, the day was absolutely fabulously wonderfully brilliant!!! I am also flying high on excitement because I added three more pages to my current eight year old book I am writing...yayayayaynessnessness!!! Sorry sighted people, screen reader only wierdness there.
I needed this after
yesterday's-torturesCollapse )
I doubt I will post again before I go home, but we shall see. I'm beginning to think that getting out of a phone list I was on is a very good idea since someone on there seems rather snobbish and the traffic there was just too damn much for a college student to be handling. Especially since this student also handles about sixty some e-mails a day...give or take some. I'm about to cut that down as well by going No-mail on a few lists. Not the one I moderate of course...just a few others that are a little more high traffic than I would like them to be at the moment.
Now off to pack...oh wait I already did that...I guess I should clean, but I seriously don't feel in the mood to do so, so I guess I'll listen to some music....joanne Shenandoah.....nice and relaxing....that will do.

The Phoenix.

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