February 8th, 2005


The phoenix sings for Florida...

Hello again readers,

Chemestry class wasn't all that bad except for I couldn't really talk about the Babcock ranch because it's more of a biology concern than a chemestry one...so again I have to find another article for Thursday...oh well such is life.
University Ecology club meeting was today. We talked about several different things, such as events for Environmental Education week, ways to raise funds to save, you guessed it, the Babcock Ranch and that we should be writing in the paper with stuff that is going on in the club in order to have more of a presence on campus.
The Phoenix made a rare proposal...and anyone that knows her knows that this is true. I sing...but not necessarily for public...however, I proposed myself in doing a benefit concert for the Babcock Ranch since this is one of the last pristine places in Florida and since this will complete a wildlife coridor from Lake Okeechobee to Charlotte Harbor. I have never done a full concert before so I'm somewhat nervous about the whole thing. However I'm comfortable with stepping outside my comfort zone because of the cause I am doing it for. I feel since I've done research on the Panthers and know their plight that I should do everything I can to help them. I sort of feel an obligation, not in a bad way though, to do this. It just feels right...and through this I will be helping not just the panthers, but future generations of animals and humans as well. I already have a friend who said he would be glad to rehearse things with me...now I need to find people to play with me...and I need to maybe put together some of my owm songs.
I am willing, however, to perform others works if others are willing to write for me, and give me a sense of what tune you would like to have it put to. This doesn't go just for local peeps either. So the phoenix sings for Florida....a rare thing indeed, but This just seems like the thing to do after last night's wonderfulness.
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