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The Phoenix

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early morning again [07 Feb 2005|07:30am]
[ mood | chipper ]

Good thing it was too...OK I'm changing writing styles again, and for those who know me, it happens from time to time...but I always seem to rotate back to the hello all sort of thing.
I got up at about five fifteen my time...after waking up at about two for no apparent reason. I'm beginning to wonder if this cycle will ever break? It seems like around this time every year I get the up and down at night syndrome. Of course I have been dream state travelling a lot lately so that could have stuff to do with it too...I'm not sure how many of you believe you can do that, but I do...and it's interesting, because I know when I do it...but half the time I don't know where I go or what I do...I do know that it is of help to wherever I go...it's just a feeling I get when I wake up, like something has been poot to rights or something has been put into motion that will put things to rights.
So I took a shower, and did all that stuff that'll make me a people pleaser....and then read anthropology, took a break, did my chemestry quiz, which I was supposed to do on Friday and read more anthropology. Now I can wait...wait...wait until eight thirty until the shuddle comes to pick me up to take me to the broadcasting building for another exciting hour behind the boards. Check three times...that's something you do have to do with the boards just to make sure everything's where it's supposed to be. I even have to remind myself sometimes where the booths are. Soon, though, I won't even have to do that and that'll come with time...and nothing is teaching me better than now that practice truly does make perfect...now to perfect my singing and piano skills...right that's what summers are for. I am going to see whether I can't find a place down here to at least give me vocal lessons...I seriously miss that.
Now though it's off to read e-mails or find someone to talk to or something. Have a good day everyone and you'll probably see another one from me tonight.

The Phoenix.

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Master of the boards! [07 Feb 2005|01:40pm]
[ mood | hyper/excited/exhilerated ]

Whooooooot, whooot, whoooot!!!!! Whooooooot, whooot, whoooot, Whooooooott!!!!!!!!!!Whooooooot, whooot, whoooot!!!!!
I had a perfect board session....yayayayayay go me!!!! I did absolutely nothing wrong with the board today, and I actually imported a program from the production computer to the on air one....this is in a DOS run environment, mind. I brought five up under the person perfectly, put both pots A and B in cue. Then when the new person came In, I brought B up, put it to the transmitter, and took it out of cue without any operator errors...then I proceeded to close out A by bringing it down and taking it away from the transmitter....next brake, I repeated the process, but after the reader came on air, I left five down and in cue. again....Whooooooot, whooot, whoooot!!!!, whooooooot!!! OK now that I'm seriously riding on excitement, I may as well try to get some of this reading response done so that by this time Wednesday night I'm not going insane. I also have some more reading to do in Anthropology and I have to find an article for tomorrow's chemestry class and I have a tutoring session in about three hours....two and a half actually since I have to catch the shuddle to campus about thirty minutes before the actual session starts. I'm just extremely hyper right now, this will probably wear off after the ninth or tenth perfect session, but the early stages of flawlessness make for heddy stuff.
Now to find out which story to write on...and to pick up this article for chemestry class. I'll probably end up doing something on the Babcock Ranch down here because it's such a hot topic right now. If we save this piece of property it will creat a wildlife Coridor that streches nearly across the state, from here into part of Georgia...which will be sweet. sooo damn sweet. It'll give the panthers down here some much needed breathing space. That is what I want. I love big cats and to see ones like the panther have a nice place to rome free will also make for heddy stuff. I did a paper on them my first semester here and to see this huge chunk of land brought under conservancy would seriously make my year. Now....off I fly.

The Phoenix

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