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The Phoenix

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first rant [05 Feb 2005|09:59am]
I'm not putting this behind a cut, so forgive me. Some of you may not agree with this paticular rant, but here it goes...

Lack of good music in the music industry today.
I'm sick of bad music!! Oh my god am I sick of it!!! There are some heavy metal things I can stand...some of Bush, some of Green Day, Rat in A Cage...and Cat Xcratch Fever along with Evanescence.
Creed's good, and so is the classic rock stuf...the Betals and the like. However that was back when you could actually sing with the stuff and the artists actually cared about their studio stuff. I swear to God, some of the stuff that comesout of the studios sounds rushed and absolutely shitty!! And some of it goes so damn fast that no matter how you try you can't keep up with the words. I mean come on people!!! Slow the fuck down!!! And then there are just the bad artists....the ones who can sing studio but suck at live performances. Usher used to be one of those, but thank heaven is no longer, though his arrogance needs to be straightened out like yesterday. I'm talking about the artists like Macy Gray, like.....well she's the only one I can think of right now...oh yeah Carbon Leaf....and some others. Who ever gave macey Gray a deal seriously needs to be nastified, shot or otherwise exterminated. My appologies to those who actually like her, I seriously despise her!!! Come on you all, if you can't sing live, why in the hell are you here in the furst place? It is the music industry, you are supposed to make music, not this conglomeration of shit that came from the rubbish bin! If the back up is good...it has now been ruined by the bad vocals...damn!!!
Then there are the people who try to rap but can't worth shit. I can give them credit for trying, but that's about it. They try, try and try...but no matter how hard they try they still sound like shit, and some of these people are played on the radio. Fuck it, man, I'll just go for the obscure stuff or the Native stuf....or filk...at least they can play an instrument with a decent amount of skill....and at least they can sing to some extent....they may not be the best singers in the world, but at least they keep it real.
or think they can play a guitar and can't worth shit. Three notes and a skcale does not a guitar expert make. You need a bit more in your reprituir thank you! or the people who are so arrogant, excluding usher, who think they are above the world even before they make it to Hollywood, or Broadway, or get a deal. Sure some amount of pride is good. I'm damn proud of my voice for instance, but I know that I'm seriously not good enough to go bragging that I can sing to every person imaginable. I can sing, though, and those who can't make me cringe inwardly... ah ...ah to notes higherer ...ah three nots lower, while on the same breth, mind ...what the fuck, that was seriously bad!!!!!
Then again the people who make their music so fast that even they can't sing to it. What the hell! OK It's good for the clubs, sure I can dig that, but if you are going to do it live, slow it down....not too much, just enough that you can sing and keep up with the damn piece! Or rehearse it millions of times so that when you do do it at normal speed you can keep up with it....or just don't even do it live.
I guess that's why I like some of the Christian stuff...yes I like Christian music despite my explorations....because most of them don't need all the flash, glits and glamor, It wasn't their fault I had bad experience with some religious fanatics who thought they were the only ones on the planet who were going to heaven, I guess that's why I like filk music, the artists don't care about coming out live, just as long as they make the music. You can actually sing to most Irish tunes, with practice, though some of those are major fast. Native music makes me melt, and.....meow Folk music is just absolutely wonderful. It tells stories....and country, you can sing to nearly all of that as well. R&B's the same way. Alecia Keys, Musiq, John Legend, Kimberly Lock, Jill Scott, Deborah Cox, Floetry......mmmmmmmmm!!!!
I do like some classical stuff mainly because of the skill of the players. Now there are musicians...and I took a music appreciation class and that really opened my eyes to the technics behind classical stuff. Opera's OK, but I'm not really into it as much as I am some others. I'll listen to Josh Groban, Andria Bochelli and others, but the ones I'm most into are the musicals because I can actually tell what's going on by the CD....if it's in English. LOL but other than that it's OK. I have sung some classical pieces because I was in a coral class, so I know what it's like to have all of us singing together and it's absolutely beautiful if it's done right....and it's something else that will make me go mmmmmmm!! But the rest of this stuff....all the bad music needs to be weeded out and tossed like so much shit. Mind, I'm not bad mouthing the independants, if they want to make music, or lack of, that's their right, I just won't listen to them if they're not all that good. This is a free country affter all.

So there we are. I have plased it in a block so that you gise will know where it starts and stops. I doubt other rants will be as long....but this is a mark of my passion for music that it is this long. I seriously *do not like*horrid music and those who *can not sing* do make me cringe inside, and sometimes that cringing is visible... SO now that I'm done. I hope you all have a good day.

The Phoenix
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sad news [05 Feb 2005|10:36am]
[ mood | sad ]

I have some sorry news to report people.
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Sorry for this being my first news posting, but I try my best to keep up to date on things like this...lol

The Phoenix

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