February 1st, 2005


Ugh for screw ups!

OK all....
I am going to explain in quite technical details my adventure of the day so
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I come back to find that Vicky is there. She called me on the way out of the RRS and was like, where are you? I'm on my way home now...*thinks to self, damn it....this like totally slipped my mind!* Seth came to pick me up, and I also sent him to the mail box to pick something up for me, which was in, thank God! That something was a PAC Mate firmware update which works perfectly now that it has been installed. That's what Vicky had mainly come over for. That and to help with a few other things with the PAC Mate. I really do like her, she's really cool to work with and she's an extremely wonderful person. I looooove 2.5.177!!! I left for class a bit later than I should have, but still managed to get there on time. After class my teacher talked to me about my Math test because I didn't do so well on it. He says that he thinks I have a better handle on what is going on for this test...which I hope is true. It is kind of easy stuff, so we'll see what happens. I had dinner with a couple of friends and then one of them was nice enough to drive me home, where I promptly called a friend of mine...and was on the phone for a goodly amount of time. Thank God my plan switches over on Thursday...LOL

I hope everyone has a good night and for those who may be new to friends list, welcome. Once I know you are all in, I will do the formal stuff...or as formal as it gets with me. For all the veteran readers, good night and stay safe.

The Phoenix
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