January 24th, 2005


Several things

Hello Journal,

First off...I can get back in to FTP....yayayayayayay!!!!! Not that it's any better voice wise, but I didn't hthink I could get in there. I guess since the housing has been put on its own server network things have been a little different. Most file sharing apps are still blocked, but voice chat options ar left wide open....yea!!! Let's just hope now that it doesn't interfere with my study habbits. LOL

Someone from Indianapolis messaged me last night and we talked for a bit. It was pleasant enough. They expect a lot from me, and I'm not exactly sure I'm ready to give them all they expect at the moment. I did accept appologies for some things, but if they expect me to pick up where we left off, they will have to travel at my pace. I will probably end up posting protected later, so FL don't worry about the crypticity.

I worked at the radio reading service again today and it was extremely nerve racking. You have to be spot on with the board and this only being my second time I didn't exactly do a cracking job. I'm always nervous. What if i do it all wrong, what if I screw something up royally? When I get better he's talking about leaving me in charg of the whole thing...OMFG!! What then? I'll be so nervous I can't think straight. I enjoy it, though and this is what I want to do, so I guess I'll get used to it. I don't think I was this nervous even when I did a mock show behind a bord with one of my friends moterating. The only thing I was mainly worried about was messing up his board which I didn't do thank the gods. I do need a talking watch for it, though which mom bought yesterday and is mailing down. I just hope it gets here fast.

Hey artana would you mind e-mailing me off LJ...there's a writing I want you to see and I really don't want to post it here yet until I know my formatting's OK. I do have a writer's community at eriofthephoenix if you want to join. That's where most of my writings are going. It'll probably end up there if no where else. Thanks in advance.

Anyway I guess I'd better do some homework before it gets too late. Catch ya later phoenix fans.

The Phoenix
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