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The Phoenix

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End of the week [20 Jan 2005|04:39pm]
Hello all,

it's the end of the class week since math class is doing test and I don't have to go because teacer said so. I'm going to take the test sometime next week so that I can have at least one session with a tutor before taking the test. Cori said that the math book isn't had by RFB and D and that if I can get by with a tutor she would rather me do it that way than having to tape the book. I hope it works out because none of the readers I have except maybe Courtney would be good at reading math books.
Today in Science class we talked about rocket fuel in drenking water and various other articles. We also talked a little bit more about molarity, measurements and that sort of thing. He also passed out water quality data sheets for when we go sampling and he explained the methods we would be using to sample.
It's amazing all the stuff that is in our drinking water that a lot of us don't think about. and some of this stuff accumulates in us and doesn't go away. Not that it's in high enough amounts to kill us or anything, it's still kind of scary to think that we're drinking trace amounts of DDT and PCB even though DDT isn't used here anymore. We do produce it though. Producers and not users....does that make any sense at all? if it's banned here, why do we still produce it?
In lit class we talked about Editha and suburban Sketches and a couple of articles by Mark Twain. I never realized that Mark Twain wrote about California. I always pictured him as a Missouri writer and one who wrote about steamships and railroads since those seemed to be his main interests. I know he sort of put biographical stuff in Huck Fin and Tom Sawyer, but his writing about California just blew me away.
Editha wasn't really my type of short story. I mean...she was just way too shallow for my liking...now there's childish right there. She wanted her feonce to go to war because she felt that it was the right thing for him to do and that it would make him a hero. He dies of course and she goes to see his mother who isn't too pleased. She calls war a glorious thing, and we all know what tha sentiment is like. It's kind of interesting to read things about the Civil War while this one is going on. This is the second one I've been through, though I was almost too young to remember much of Desert Storm. Suburban sketches was a bit long, but it was a lot more interesting than Editha, I guess because it described several different aspects of Charles Bridge and the people there. It described the way certain people lived and what they did, their reaction to events and that sort of thing. It gave you insight in to the way things were at that time and that's what I like. Editha sort of did that, too, but not to the extent Sketches did.
I got my first quiz in that class and my first quiz in chemestry class which I need to do later on tonight. I told her I'd get it to her later on today, but those who know me know that as soon as I get back from class it's vedge time for me. I also have some phone calls to make tomorrow so that I can find someone to come out and help install scanner and printer drivers and things. I could probably do it myself, but I would feel safer with an expert around doing the installing. It'll be nice to have a scanner again. It'll be nice not to have to go to the library to print stuff out.
I also have a reading response do in lit class for next thirsday, so I'll probably start on that on Monday or Tuesday since it's just a two page reaction on one of the readings we've done so far. I don't see any problem writing that out at all. I'm beginning to think I like my classes a lot better this semester than last. I'm finding the readings easier anyway and there isn't so much at one time to take in. Of course they are lower level, so that could play a part in that as well.
I hope every one keeps well and stays safe. awallens I really do feel for you I've had coughs like that, just ask rnb_capricorn they're not fun and I was on pretnazon for a while for an temporary asthma situation...can we say no sleep city? LOL. ah the memmories.

The Phoenix
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tired, too damned tired [20 Jan 2005|09:34pm]
[ mood | sleepy/tired/drained ]

I know it's thursday night, the start of what I call my weekend and I know I told Bletso I'd get the quiz to her later today, but damn it I'm tired. I still haven't pulled the disks from my pac mate case and I do have a Chemestry quiz that's sitting in my inbox as well. I'm usually not this drawn out, but, though this week has been rather uneventful, it has just seemed longer and more drawn out than last week. It's as if something wants me to get an inordinant amount of sleep and I don't know why that is. I'm going to bed at god awful early hours like nine thirty and ten instead of my usuall eleven/eleven thirty. Which is still early by some people's standards, but there we are. The only time I stay up is if Barn Owl has the room open and I can spend it in good company there. I know this won't make a good deal of talk to some, but I actually saw Indiana Boy online today which sort of surprised me. This allays the long-standing fear of mine that he had blocked me. If he did block me, he suddenly chose to undo the block. In any case, it was kind of nice to see him there. I've been meaning to call him, but due to several factors, the main one being homework, I haven't gotten around to it. Hopefully it'll be one of those convos where it will consist mainly of pleasantries and writing techniques. At the moment that's all I wish to get into with him. I will of course update him on the family, but with us that's usually a given.
In any case I think I will take my tired boddy off to bed and do these quezzes when I first get up while I'm fresh and before I think about doing anything else.
aerdran know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and I will be sending your little one all the calming energies I can spare. I'm a firm believer in energy work and many other things both Christian and eclectic. So there we are. I hope it will be of some help to you.

The Phoenix

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