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The Phoenix

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Hello again [21 Dec 2004|10:16am]
[ mood | frustrated/irritable ]

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Now...sometimes I hate my caller ID!! The thing is loud as all get out and can be heard across the entirety of the house...as I found to my utter dismay two nights ago when my friend from milwaukee decided she was going to call at a quarter to two in the morning. No problem for me as I was awake, but the parents don't appreciate the ringing 4 1 4 yata yata. I was even asked about it and I gave my mother some sort of mame excuse about time zone comfusion. I just wish there was a volume for it...instead of a stupid sight related menu option. I wouldn't be so concerned, but it comes through the base speaker and not the handset one.
Last night was interesting. I had never spent so much time on pal...and never been so intertained. I think I must have spent three to four hours in there with...you guessed it...the owl. There were some things that went on in there that I won't mention, but I will say that I'd never known someone to come back so frequently and throw off so much negativity. I think I went to bed at about two or so...which mom says was way too late. I am so used to having free bed time that when I come back here I chafe something fierce. She has even said that even if I stay up to two in the morning, she is not going to let me sleep til noon and that she will be waking me up at eight or nine in the morning...hello!!! I am not a child anymore to have the covers pulled from me....arhrhrhrhrhrg!!!!
Anyway, I am going to do a last minute cleaning job on my room, so I will be back later. Hope everyone has a good da, and for those who celebrate such thiings...to some extent that would include me...happy sulstice and happy ule.

The Phoenix

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