December 14th, 2004


Christmas early

Hello Phoenix fans,

I couldn't be happier at the momet. I just had a wonderful time at our Christmas party. My room mates, Haily, Jackie and Megan all pitched in and got me a gift which was the double pack containing both the little mermaid soundtracks. The boys that come over here all the time, Seth, Brandin, Jason and Janka AKA James got me a little stuffed tiger. Jina, another girl who practically lives here without Doing so got me the Josh Groben CD.
I had gotten each of the girls snowmen that could be stuffed with candy and they were stuffed with kisses, reece cups and little hershy bars. I gave Jina a bath set of lotion, shower jell and bath crystals. I plan to give the other two bath sets to Courtney and Cori in the adaptive services office.
I also, the other day gave Andy a fleece throw for his bed or wherever. Speaking of which he came over for the Christmas party because I invited him. The boys got some little dodge balls and wer throwing them around. There were other gifts, but some of them crude, so I won't mention them here.
We watched Elf, had chips, cookies, little squares of various cheeses, pizza, chicken, crackers, brownies, and later on after we opened presents we had cake. I am extremely happy and warm feeling inside. It has only been about three weeks and the room mates are already treating me like I belong with them.

On another note, however, I am kind of upset because Enya's cousin was online and I didn't get to message him because I was out of the room when he messaged and by the time I came back in he had gone offline...and that was the same with stevie D...damn!! Two misses in a day...and it is nearing the two week mark for Barn Owl...I'm still thinking of him...and hoping.

Despite that I feel extremely loved right now...for knowing me for such a short period I wasn't really expecting much at all from them...and to be showered with the few gifts makes me feel really special right now.

OK I feel better...Iarfhlaith, Eithne's cousin has come back online and I'm chatting to him now....wooooooooot!!!!! yea!!!!! *jumps up and down with glee.* *does happy dance*
OK I'm done now. LOL

The Phoenix
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