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The Phoenix

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freedom!!! [21 Aug 2004|08:32pm]
[ mood | free as the stars ]


It's about time, goshdang it!!! I am at FGCU again, and the hedy feeling of being cut loose with all these new skills is inded hig-inducing. I am goning to be the bold, fuck the parents, girl that I want to be. Thing is, I did forget a few things, mike and head phones and braille display, but other than that, things are good. Thank the stars my laptop has a built in mike and I may be going home for the weekend, so we'll see. I would like to go hom to get the stuff, then come back on Sunday with the rest of it...then i will have to go home or have mom come here for laundry...coin operated machiens ar a bitch, and that's what we have here, unlike tallahassee where I could actually tet away with not carrying change everywhere.
Anyway, I suppose I should go for now, I'm extremely tired, and there are some things iI still need to do.

The Phoenix resting high in the Rowan tres, singing with all her heart....FREE'E'E'EDO'O'OM!!!!!

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