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The Phoenix

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headaches suck!! [12 Jun 2004|05:15pm]
[ mood | head achy again ]

Phoenix fans,

Today really hasn't been that bad, Especially the morning. Thde only uncomfortable thing was the heat!!! It was extrememly hot today near mid nineties!!

Mom, Dad and I went yard saling and I got a CD of Mark Anthony and a Shopan tape. Rest of the stuff was picked up by mom and dad and I stayed in the car for some of the yard sales.
At one I got to talk to a really nice elderly man about his dog who would ride in his trucks. Her name was Patches and she was a Cocker Spaniel. He said that she had ridden in his ttruck with him for eight years.

At another I got to hold a little kitten anamed ASquishy. He reminded me of colin when he was little, so small and with a little voice to go along with it. Mew!! He was sooo cute!!! Only thing is, I'm surprised they kept him out like that. Well, OK so they were in the garage, but still...It was so hot that by the time we got home we were sweating like hogs! Even with my summer dress, I was extremely hot. Can we say pop sellerws are guna make big bucks this summer? I really don't remember it being this hot this early...it's horrendous!!

After that I came home and talked with Awerikah and Robin for a bit. We had to sort out som very sensitive issues which I prefer not to relate, but which proceded to give me a headache of the kind that will not go away with pain killers. It really sucks and I am in a good deal of pain. Not enough to stop me from being sociable with a few people or stop me from functioning, but pain nonetheless. I am just glad that this won't be a reoccuring thing otherwise i would be in misery right now.

Ah well, I suppose that this is all for now, though I may write again befor the nights out, for some reason I feel as if something else needs to be put down, though what I havde no idea yet.

The Phoenix

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