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The Phoenix

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my first colomn [28 Dec 2003|07:21pm]
Hey guys,

This is me. the phoenix of the state of Florida writing at the very end of the year just because she can. Year's been pretty hectic, so here's quicks. I finished an independence training program, moved to Florida, settled into a new house had a few run ins with the parents and met some of the most wonderful friends I've ever known in my life. I also had a friend down for a week and decided that that was enough of that one...the friend. That was just the last six or so months. Right now I'm not sure what sort of mood I'm in because I woke up to my parents screaming and yelling and have been sort of out of it all damn day. I'm not even sure music'll help. I did play some virtual crazy eights with afriend of mine, but other than that and talking online with friends, not much's been going on. I guess that's about it right now...I just wish I knew why I was in such a pissy mood all of a sudden.
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