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bad trip home


I hate, hate, hate, hate inconsistencies!!!

First of all let's just say the class was better than the walk home. I sort of felt sorry for Justin because he's had to put up with two days of irritable miss thepheenixeyri but anyway, first off I was walking down the sidewalk, well sort of, there's this flower bed that zigzags and I was following that. Kids stood there and I said excuse me and they wouldn't move! Eben one of the teachers said, "Girls," apparently they were just standing there staring. Which meant that Justin had to lead me around them. I was not too pleased and my face showed all. He was saying that if they were adults it would be different, but they were little kids...not so little I would think. I doubt fifth graders would be aloud on campus...six and above would be my guess, but that's assuming on my part.
And the point wasn't that they were kids, it's the point that I was in public, and no matter what age, the public needs to know that when a blind person says excuse me....they need to move...or they need to move when they see the white cane instead of just standing there staring at it.
Then Igo to get something to drink, and the machines are different from the day before when i went to get a venilla coke! All they had was diet, so I ended up getting fanta, which isn't all that bad, it's just the inconsistency that bothered me.

OK now that I'm done with my rant, I guess I should get back to doing homework, since one of the things needed done is due this evening.

The Phoenix
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