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Story stuff...

ah, characters!!!

Mmm...male werecats!!

So yeah, i thought about adding yet more characters to my story in the form of gazell type beings based on the concept of fawns except instead of spirit they are flesh and bone. Done.
I also thought about bringing in a centaur who was granted the runner's gift. Done. I'm not yet sure whether she will be a runner from outside the five lands or not.
I have my wildcard character which is a female werecat, and I am happy.

Except for there was a scuffle between muses which resulted in a male werecat as well being added to my story. Muses want me to learn how to play a mouthy bitch so that when I start writing them for my other stories, I have previous experience. But while I was writing my werecat, at first it was coming out as he. I have one centaur, two gazell like beings and two werecats. Two, werecats, not one, as I had originally planned. I think the male werecat will be replacing the gazells alongside Zuleka or joining them, we shall see. It all depends on where it goes. It's just coming out now and is surprising the hell out of me. This is going to be interesting as I have never written werecreatures before. Ah, well, I guess there is a first time for all things.

So yeah, and I still need to do an exam sometime before three o'clock tomorrow. Wish me luck all.

The Phoenix
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