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Nooo, just, just nooo!!

In fact, paired with his desire to talk with her was his fear of resuming their interrupted friendship. I cannot place her in jeopardy, and she will be
in as much danger as I am from my enemies if they learn that we are friends. I am not certain that Tyladen
will be willing to protect her even if I warn him; after all, she is nothing more than an employee to him. And he knew, with deep certainty, that he was
in danger from at least one enemy who was willing to hire

and it ends. The Eagle and the Nightingale, It can't just end here....It just can't!!! Incomplete scans suck, and those who kno me know how books physically pull me in to them. I am nearly oblivious to naught else; the story. is the only thing I am aware of. So to have it end and me to keep going as something that is in motion tends to do and to find there is nothing else to sustain this motion irked me greatly.

So greatly that I asked a favor of nightdrake without so much as a "by your leave." This is not like me, not like me at all. She said she'll email it, so now it's to work on other things until it gets here.

Those who send incomplete copies need to be taught a lesson! A memorable, yet relatively harmless lesson, but a lesson none the less!! This is just not fair!!!

The Phoenix.
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