The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix


Something I didn't put in comment.

Is this selfish of me?

I feel likethe only reason we didn't get as much damage as we could have is because I was with my parents in the house. Something knew I wanted to leave, and because I couldn't without risking something else...they/he/she decided to kep the place where I was safe. Me being there meant that everyone/everything else there was safe too. Just me? Maybe I'm being crazy but I can give you two things that I was right about this storm:
1. My instincts said it was going to be bad. They didn't say where, just that it would be bad. Ucatan got it, naples got it, my university is still without power
2. I felt that the storm would pick up after leaving the ucatan over the gulf. Guess what? it did. When it reached florida and after it reached Florida, it was a cat three.
This is freaky. I know there are some others, but it was just that these were the main things that stuck with me.

I also found out from my mom that we are one of the only ones with power. Me and our neighbors' house. The rest of the street is without power. That's just freaky. Anyway I need to get off here for a few so my dad can call his family.

I'll be back later.

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