The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix


FGCU is closed for tomorrow, for ghose on my F-list who are students there. The campus is also without power, which means I will not be returning there today. The site will still be down since there is no electricity. I may not even have to go back there at all this week since I don'thave class on Friday. If they have power back, however, I still my go back there just because. My plants will be starved for water, and I want to be able to just sit in my room and be alone....truly alone. I get a lot more done homework wise that way.

Speaking of homework, I read all three Marine Systems chapters for the second time today, and I probably will do more reading later on today after I get done with lunch, which is way overdue. THe second time means that I have read through them twice now, bnot that I have read them twice in one day.

I am still putting together my essay and will probably be working on that throughout the weekend. The only problem with being out in the living room is that it's hard to concentrate when both the parents are home and doing things sometimes ecause I'm in a central area of te hous that is near the living room and near the office. In any case, I suppose I should end this and go away for a bit. Since the university is closed tomorrow, we will not be having my Marine systems test, which is noicee, since I do not have chapter ten as of yet.

With that, I will be off. *hugs to all that need them*

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