The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix


I'm wondering how long these people are going to stay awake! LOL

THe subject is refering to the fact that my mother has noted my procrastination and hsas decided to comment on it. She is telling me to concentrate on school work tomorrow and stay off the phone and off the internet. My plans least for the morning. I doubt we will be having anything in the way of exams this week, but I will not be taking chances.

They are watching the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, and I am privey to all its details as I am sitting in the dining area which is not too far from the living room. SOmetimes this makes it hard to concentrate, but tonight, it seems to be helping a bit. I'm engoying the background noises.

I soooo can't wait to get back to school tomorrow, and not just because of the nastiness that passed during the storm. I'm bored stiff here because I really don't have all that much to do. Everything I enjoy is down at school, and with the hurricane, it wasn't like we could do much after Saturday or so. I've just been playing Featherwind and roaming the house, spending time with Colin, and sleeping. Oh yes and eating.

I am so used to being online almost all the time, messengers running in the background and being able to stretch my legs without worrying about my parents asking me things. I'm used to a landline that I can use while on the computer. Several things that sometimes I miss when I come home for the summers. However, this summer may be different as I am going to try to find myself at a guide dog school during it. My projected date is either May or June, hopefully. July at the latest. I still need to submit the application, however, so we shal see.

I haven't been able to work much on my essay for my online course due to the comp being out in the living room and the lack of information on Robert Sindorf's life. I know he's from New Yourk, but that is about it. I know more about the art work than I do him. Not that that's a bad thing, I just would like a bit more history to place in the paper.
Time to go on messengers for a bit before sleep.

Good night all and *hugs*

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