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feeling wonderful!!

Hi all you readers and phoenix fans,

I'm actually awake today...maybe i can focus on reading all this stuff now. LOL I' didn't sleep too ling, tither, so that's gcool. Mom's supposed to be coming down, but I don't know when. It all depends on when she works. If she works from 8-5, which is what it looks like, she won't be here till late afternoon. If not, she should come down any time.
So I've checked e-mail and listened to "Whiskey on a Sunday," that song's gunna be one of my projects this week. LOL I'm just trying to figure out what key to do it in, since it changes keys at the end of it.I think I still might be able to do it in C, but well just have to make sure. Anyway I guess that's all for now and I'll be back soon I suspect.

The phoenix
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