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I thought I had posted before, but apparently I didn't.

The storm has past and Mom and Dad are taking down a lot of the hurricane shutters now that the wind has died down quite a bit. Howse, pets and family are all fine and we're goingto start undoing a lot of the preparations we made for the hurricane.

Mom brought up last night's situation again, and says that she feels like I owe both of them an appology for not having enough faith and trust in them. The
Mr and Mrs Watts,
I do not approve of the way you treat people who try to keep you and your family out of harms way. For you Mr. Watts calling me a BUTT HEAD needless to
say you do not know my training nor my life style.
For me living in a different state I am still updated on different storms that will affect the US due to my training in disaster services. Unless you
have more training then I do, I think that you need to understand that the American Red Cross works together throughout the 50 states.
I myself have lived through tornados and hurricanes much of my life. Just because I am in a different state does not mean that I do not know what could
happen to you and your neighbors. I also have lived through snow storms where no one moved unless you were with the fire departments, police department,
the national guard and also the red cross.
I cannot say that you have lived like I have but needless to say I have spent 25 years with the American Red Cross and have been trained through them and
also have firefighting training also. If you have more training then me please feel free to tell me to back off, until such time I think that you should
act your age and not tell others who have the training what they do or do not know.
If you have any problems with this please feel free to take it up with me not your daughter. She did not ask me to write to you or your wife in any way,
shape or form. I did this on my own will and my own thoughts. I wish you all the best and pray that nothing happens to you all, but you will not end my
friendship with your daughter only she can. Not just because you do not like the idea of someone who has training informing her of updates due to her blindness.
She is still a human and has rights just like you and your family. She is not a baby.
Your daughter is 25 years old not 5 years old and has the right to make her mind up. You should not shelter her just because she is blind. Also for Mrs.
Watts I did not meet your daughter on some chat line. I think you should get the facts first before stating lies.
Thank you

While I see the truth in what she says, I can see where this could become a needless struggle between her and my parents. I said it in a comment and I'll say it here. I wouldn't have cared about them being upset if my father hadn't have started calling her names.

But yeah, everything's good and we're now it's just trying to get everything back to the way it was.

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