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Damned if I do, damned if I don't...

My grandparents are here, and my parents are staying with them spending the night hee. The are not going anywhere.

I do want to go somewhere, but what do I do when my parents find out that I have called the emergency Agency and then just up and leave? I didn't want my friends to call them and bitch them out, because then they would in turn bitch me out for giving out numbers and butting into their buisness. My heart tells me to sty here, my instincts say to leave. I am worrying, perhaps needlessly for the safety of my parents and grandparents and don't want to be separated from my family during the storme, but I do want to be safe. I am in termoil here, and i don't know how to sort it out. If I do go to the shelter, it won't be until after dinner, at the latest as I want to get a meal in me before I go. It's Spaghetti and that usually lasts me a damned long time. They are telling me that if I come to the shelter to bring food, water and medical supplies for at least fourty-eight hours. I'm scared of my parents, and I'm scared of staying. I'm scared that if they find out what I'm doing, they'll try to stop me, I'm afraid of doing it behind their backs, because then they will think I don't trust them. They're saying that the situation is looking better by the momentt, but I don't know. Fox News is saying one thing and CNN is saying another. We don't have cable and the only reason I know that CNN is saying this is because someone from the Disaster Team in Pennsylvania called me and read me a hurricane statement which is here. I'm so damned nervous I'm shaking. I'm scared shitless that if I don't move, I'll be screwed, I' scared that if I do move, my parents will be so pissed that it's not even funny. So pissed that it will come to angry words on both our parts that may result in me being removed from the house.That is my worst fear. Perhaps its silly of me, but I've never been without a home, and I can't imagine being that way now. I want to leave, and I have the resources to do so, it's just getting up the courage to say fuck it, and do it.If I end up leaving, snacks and some water will be going with me a long with a sheet and my conforter. Baily, my new bear will be accompanying me, too. I wish I could bring Featherwind, but I don't want to risk that. Unfortunately, she will have to remain here.

I'm scared, yall, really really scared. We are in the manditory evacuation area, but only because of the storm surge, which Fox News says we may not get, and that the tides may be lower than normal at the back of the storm. I am going to wait for the next statemet update, I think, and if it doesn't improve any, I am getting out. I'd hate to leave Colin, but I want to be safe. I just want to be safe.

The very scared Phoenix
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