The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

Sunday morning...

I still don't know if there is a manditory evacuation, so I'm here.

The parents are over at the grandparents helping them hurricane proof things, and I know from the snatches of conversations I heard in my half asleep state that the furniture is back in the pool for the duration of perhaps today and tomorrow. No school tomorrow as far as I know and I'm hoping this is the case as I have still not been able to get some of the chapters read. I tried reading yesterday and I just couldn't concentrate for anything. I'll probably try to get some reading done again today if I can find a table of contents in my book so I know where to go for certain chapters. The Angel server on RFGCU's website is supposed to be closed, so I haven't even tried going there. Angel is a service for students that lists online courses and other courses, in classroom, and tools to help the student. The syllabus is up there, some teachers put lecture notes up there and other such nice things. I really do like angel, it's fairly easy to navigate, and wonderfully helpful.

Anyway, I suppose I should endthis for now and be off woith my lovely self. Take care all and *hugs!*

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