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First day a disaster!

OK guys,

Yesterday was my first day! What a freaking disaster! It was Murphy's law!!! I wake up to a system registry error and then when I pull up the system I can't get on line again. Fuck!!! I said a few more words...but you know. Right...then I go to print up a message for the girls...printer jams. THeree's a piece of paperin the printer and I have no fucking clue where it is! Imagine going to your first class in this mood.
Right, then I get back and the first good news of the day. One of my friends calls and says he'd got a spot on Millionaire. Coolness!!!!
I go out with Litrica for about an hour and a half, amd by this time, I'm like completely drained. So I get back and I call Brian. I get him on the phone with Holly, my very cool roo mate, and I mean that, and he talks her through some stuff.
Well, while he's on the phlne, Veronica calls. I sort of got a little snappy with her, but I apologized, so it's all good.
Brian had me back up a registry file and then gave me a program to automatically log me in to the network.

Then it was printer time...back tray with handle. Brian had me pull it out...paper stuck back there. Pulled it out...ripped, but it came.
I was so fucking glad when everything worked out! What made me feel even better was a call from my good friend, Jack, from the UK...big smiles. After I talked to him, I called Veronica. Told her. Lovely call, that was.
Anyway, I didn't think I'd do updates from sschool, but it seems a lot easier for me to do them here than from home.
I am going home this weekend, for those who wish to know, so I doubt I will be online much. Voice lessons and all that jazz. Well guess that's it for now.
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