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I, HATE, WHEN, I'M, RIGHT! (all in caps)

OK all,

They are talking about a *manditory* evacuation beginning either tomorrow or Monday...note, manditory. Dad doesn't want to leave the house, but Mom and I are making preparations to leave just in case they do come around and sort of make us. There are shelters around here to go to, so that is where we will probably end up or something. I've hurricane proofed most of the stuff in my room by moving it from lower shelves to upper ones. Most of my CDs are safe, my flute will be placed in plastic and put way up away, and everything else is moved. I doubt I will be moving it back anytime soon, it just seems like a lot right now. I was getting a stress headache because mom was talking to me trying to guide me through what to do, and I was doing things while she was talking, therefore we were conflicting somewhat in what we were trying to accomplish. Makes for interesting times. It wasn't too bad of a conflict, it was just her trying to be helpful. I am the one who wants to go, I want to get the hell out of dodge, I want to just leave right now...just I want to get out. I'm not so much scared, but I am anxious. My dad is staying to take care of the cats, mainly, and his line is that if his number's up...that's just the way it is. I'm wanting to get out of here and part of me wants to scream at my dad, and part of me accepts his decision to stay where he feels the most comfortable. My grandpa is staying as well, so that kind of makes me feel better. I don't know whether there will be a manditory evacuation yet or not as it is not yet Sunday. Oh and I have made my decisions. After the storme the gate closes. Friends only starts then. I doubt I will go back and friends lock my entire journal, however, from either Tuesday or Wednesday on out, there *will be no more* public entries. Those of you wishing to continue to read these pages will have to add me to your f-lists.

I am glad it's almost sunday, I still haven't started my paper, but at least now I know what I am doing it on. The sculpter is called "The Sun Gate" and it is by an artist named Robert Sindorf. I'll describe it later as right now I want to chat to some people online.Keep safe all and *hugs*

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