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Today's happenings...

Cabin fever strikes again,

You really don't realize the freedom you have until it's gone. I was bored yesterday, and was bored today. So I suggested that Mom and I go and do stuff. As a result I went to Beales and got several pairs of shorts, one pare of capris, one pare of jeans, several tops of varying colors and a stuffed teddy bear. I also stoped into the Lotus and the Frog to see the owner there since I know her and proceeded to walk out of the store*without* purchasing anything.

I also found the piece I want to do my paper on, so I have several ideas that are floating through my brain at the moment. It'll be nice to start writing this essay now, though it probably won't be started until either later on tonight or tomorrow.

Wilma's still taking her time, but she is starting to slide away from the Ucatan Pininsula...that place is wrecked. It's just demolished, I know that just by how long it sat there. I feel extremely bad for all the people in that area right now. It is now a cat two down from a cat five that it was about three or four days ago. My instincts are letting up a bit on the get up and go, but not much. Dad doesn't think it'll pick up much when it get's over the Gulf, but I think it will. We'll just have to see what happens. In any case, I may as well get off here since this is my parents' line and I sort of got on without asking first...oopsies.

Take care all and stay safe!

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