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Hey mariamist feel free to ad me to friends. Be warned, however, I have changed much from the eight year old you once knew. LOL Be warned that the language in here *can and will*, and that my systems of belief are in flux, or sort of, anyway. Tell your friend mentioned in comment that she is free to do the same. It is so awesomely cool to meet others from the very distant past. just, just, yayayayayayay!!

Barring that, anything goes in here. I will post as I see it and I am thinking of going friends only after the hurricane posts. *thinking about*! I haven't decided yet.

Speaking of the hurricanes, they are now talking about *manditory* evacuations in some areas, such as Callier county, and Fort Myers, Naples and Bonita beaches. Sanible and Captiva are also in the evac zone. Marko, however, is not. The bridge there *will* remain open despite the rumors spreading. The Marco Police say it was a forged document and that they're investigating who sent it out as it was on letterhead. Some of you in here will know whay I put asterisks around the word manditory. Just...creapy. I know it's not my area, but still...freaky. In a good way, freaky, though. I mean the storm isn't good, but it's good to have confirmation sometimes.

I am still somewhat nervous as my parents are thinking of riding it out. I don't want to tell them that my instincts say that we should leave, I have tried explaining such things and they brush it off, or they ask the question of "How can you know without knowing?" You can't just *know* things...

I told her once that I just *felt, knew* that someone I had known from the CP center wasn't among the living anymore and she said the above statement. I know this isn't the same thing, but it is similar, so what's to stop her from asking again? If I were living by myself, I would dump savings into checking and fly...up to dj_rabid_angel's place and stay there, since he so generously offered. I just...don't know what to do. I'm not so much scared anymore as nervous and a little anxious. I just wish it would get here.

I have been picking up my Native American flute for the past couple of days and practicing a simple scale that someone taught me how to do via an online lesson. I'm beginning to think that this may become a routine for me, it's actually quite meditative to play my lovely Featherwind. i love her to pieces, and if I ever lost her, I would be very sad. She is about four/five years old now, and some of the leather has stretched. Or something. All I know is that two of the leather strips that make up the tastle under the beadwork near her head are much longer than the others and they didn't used to be that way. This is when I wish I could speak with Thomas Whitehawk, who is the one who made her, to see if there is anything I can do for it. It is too bad I don't have a proper case for her, but I do the best I can with what I have which is a carboard tube and a Christmas towel. I rap the leather straps around her as it is too long to just let hang, and rap her in the towel, then I slide that whole package into the tube and cap it. She doesn't exactly like the dark, so at the moment she is out on a cardboard box. The cats, thank the gods, seem to know not to mess with her. I don't like leaving her there, though. It just feels weird. I'm not sure if I'm making sense, but those of you who have known me, no that I name my instruments and talk of them as if they were people. It's one of the few quirks I have, I suppose. I love Featherwind, though, and today she helped immensely with releaving stress. My wrists are still protesting the odd angle, but I know the'll get used to it in time.

So yeah, we're waiting out the storme, dad has all the hurricane shutters up except for the front door and the sliding glass dor directly out to the pool area, and most of the stuff that was outside is either in the swimming pool or in the garage. We are preparing for the worst, but hoping the worst won't hit us. I doubt we will be having classes on Monday, so I will more than likely be staying here. SO this is my update, be safe all in the path of the storm and take care all.
Oh Hackers, *big squishy bear hugs* from me. Take care of each other.

The Phoenix
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