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scared, scared, scared!!

I'm scared, seriously scared. Mom was talking about this being the worst storm they've had, even worse than Charlie was last year. She was talking about voluntary evacuations down here. Mom's gunna take the care out to get it filled, and was talking about if there were a manditory evacuation where would we go? I am not, not, not leaving the cats here. Mom says that they would have to be on their own and that bags of food would be left out. Dad disagreed with her when I asked about them. This is scary yall, I still have that weird almost nauziating feeling, and I feel like I'm doing things in a more methodical way than what I would normally be doing them in. I remembered feeling this way right before Charlie hit, too, so it's not an isolated feeling. I plan to stay strong through this, but I'm still scared. Someone else says it's not scaring them, and maybe I'm sort of over reacting, but I am scared. I'm nervous, too. I want to scream and cry, I want to know I'll be safe, that my family will be safe, that things will be OK. I want to sleep, I want to be awake, thogh, too. I want to know everything I don't want to miss anything...I just am a mixed up bag of emotions, I guess, the main ones being fear and nervousness.

Bad me! I didn't call goodwheels today to cancel my trip before they came to get me at the university. I didn't get out of bed until eleven, and read for most of the day. I did cook fries in the oven today while Mom wasn't here. She had me call her after the cooking was done, but I did it! I was so excited I was like a kid. I was glad I was able to do it, I really think it'll do wonders for my confidence levels, like seriously.

I am home, and I am able to get online, and I will have to check my eagle mail as I am not sure whether the university will remain closed through Monday or not. If it does, I will not be going back until Monday night. It's odd that this comes a week after fall break. Too bad it doesn't feel like a second fall break. LOL So now that I will be posting this, good night all.

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