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holy fuck!

taken from chrisondra's journal

"Hurricane Hunters have just recorded a pressure of 892 mb, tied for the 2nd lowest pressure ever recorded in the Atlantic Basin. This represents more than
a 70 mb drop in less than 8 hours! Winds are now up to 175 mph making this a Category 5 hurricane."

From The Weather Channel's website.

OK this is just scary. No wonder I've been feeling out of sorts of late. I dunno, it's weird. I sort of get nautious when they come this close, not throw up nautious, though it is akin to that, just...weird feeling in the stomach and stuff...just yeah. It's kind of hard to explain. You wouldn't think that would mess with your thought processes but it does.
Looks like I will indeed be taking my mom's advice and taking a goodwheels trip home this weekend. She called me this morning and asked me to make a reservation to come home since the hurricane was coming this way. I was half asleep then because she had woken me up...yeah so I overslept. Now it's time to set this deal up. Two dollars a trip isn't bad. Isn't bad at all. I wonder when they'll close the university?

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